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What's a Multi Pass ?

The Multi Pass is your golden ticket to a multitude of activities throughout the 12 Portes du Soleil resorts, for flat rate of only 2.50 CHF per day of your visit.

The Portes du Soleil is an alpine paradise in summer. Enjoy it alone, with your sweetheart, your family or a group of your best friends.

A Multi Pass for everyone


The Visitor's Multi Pass costs just 2.50 CHF * per day of of your visit (with a participating host). For example, for six days on site, the Portes du Soleil Multi Pass costs you only 15.- CHF * for unlimited access to a host of activities throughout the area.


If you're planning to spend the day in our area and want to get the very most out of your visit, purchase a 11.- CHF ** Multi Pass and enjoy unlimited access to a multitide of local activities!


If the Portes du Soleil is your favorite place for a getaway, then the Season Multi Pass is for you. For just 85.- CHF**, you can enjoy unlimited Multi Pass activities from June 9th to September 9th 2018.

For children under 5, the Multi Pass is FREE!



Where can I get a Multi Pass?

The Multi Pass is available at the ski lift ticket windows or from a participating host with special guest rates.

Multi Pass advantages

Whether you are a local resident, here on holiday or day-tripping in the Portes du Soleil, the Multi Pass is your ticket to over 60 local activities!

* Offer valid from June 9th to September 9rd 2018, subject to availability.  Opening times and dates of participating members may vary, according to customary sales conditions. Price is per person, per day of stay (minimum 2 days) with a participating host. The Multi Pass is issued for the duration of the stay. The mandatory, hands-free chip card costs 1.50 CHF and is non-refundable but reusable.

** Offer valid from June 9th to September 9rd 2018, subject to availability.  Opening times and dates of participating members may vary, according to customary sales conditions. The mandatory, hands-free chip card costs 1.50 CHF and is non-refundable but reusable.